Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Deana Wild Murdered at Big Sur for the Insurance Money

Deana Wild took this photo while in the car. I wonder what she was thinking at the time...I wonder if she knew that something was just not right.

She looks like she is under the influence here. This poor girl has no idea what is about to happen next.

He is in the process of pushing her right off the cliff. You can see her leg lifting up a bit. The cliff is 500-foot high.


  1. These people were not what I would consider humans instead they are just cold-blooded and calculating monsters with no remorse or feeling of any kind as they were not human beings for darn sure. Makes me so sad for the family of the young lady who was their victim my heart goes out to them for their loss.

  2. I just watched her story on Investigation Discovery. Very sad. Completely senseless. There was some justice, since her killers both died in prison. But it's not enough. My prayers go out to Deana's family.
    Amanda B.

  3. She was one of my best friends in high school. RIP friend. :(